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Find closing eBay auctions with NO Bids! Don't compete - just win thousands of closing auctions starting from $0.99 cents!

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"Saved loads of $$$'s now saved to my favorites..." Dwayne - New York

"Can't believe some of the prices - will be back soon..." Robert - Illinois

"Well done! Just resold some items I found on here..." Angela - London

"Bought 3 items today & spent less than $10 total..." Andrew - Maine

"So simple - wish I had found it sooner the savings..." Julie - Ontario

"Wow! something that really does work no catches..." Faye - Dublin

"Used it for ages and so glad I found it..." Hannah - Montreal


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does LastChanceBid.com do?

It finds closing, last minute eBay auctions - all auctions displayed have no bids! LastChanceBid.com is a free web based tool for use with eBay Auction Sites worldwide. It allows the user the ability to quickly locate those auction lots that are closing (within a user selected time scale) with no bids. All auctions will be closing within a maximum of one hour and you can select your choice. Search all the categories of eBay (default) with one click or choose specific categories. You can also choose to further filter the results by searching for lots under a certain price or by default it will return all closing ebay auctions.

Can I find real auction bargains?

Yes! Thousands of auctions end daily and it's easy to miss some great bargains as they close before you get to them or you just miss them in amongst thousands of other auctions. You would have to go through all categories in ebay one by one if you didn't use this free tool. Not only that it simply & quickly filters the lots showing only those that are closing within one hour - so you can target the bargains. It also cuts down on competition as all the results displayed will have no other bidders! That's right they are closing within the hour (or whatever time under that you choose) and they have No bids so no bidding war! Target the closing lots and bid at the last possible second - even better than sniping! If you like eBay you will love LastChanceBid - bringing back the bargains and excitement to online auctions.

Do I have to download any software?

No - LastChanceBid.com is a web based tool run from your browser and no downloads are required. No viruses or spyware to worry about, no installation to bother with - run it on any pc, anywhere! BTW Did we mention it was free to use ;-)

Can I search for $1 auction listings?

Yes - Simply enter 1.00 into the Maximum Price box. In fact you can set this to be any price you want so that you can find even more of the overlooked bargains at the very best prices! Outside the US? It will automatically search in your own currency.

Do I have to set a Maximum Price?

No - Only enter a maximum price if you want to. By default when there is no maximum price set then all lots will be displayed!

Can I search by Category?

Yes - By default it will show all items in all eBay categories. However if you are interested in a particular section then you can select that one - all subcategories will also be displayed automatically.

What country specific eBay sites does it work with?

It works with the following country sites: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, India, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland and Ireland. You will have you be registered with eBay before you can place a bid. Not registered with eBay? Click here then select your local eBay site to register without delay - it's free to register with eBay.

Do you know of any other Free eBay Auction Tools?

Yes - Please Click Here to view everything from a another bargain finder which searchs for spelling mistakes to free eBay auction sniping, free image hosting, free auction templates, alternative auction lists and much more...

Who Owns LastChanceBid.com?

LastChanceBid.com is wholly owned by Online Merchants Ltd - Registered in England Company Number: 3768234. It is part of our AuctionLotwatch group of websites...

How can we help LastChanceBid.com?

If you have found LastChanceBid.com to be helpful then please feel free to spread the word by telling others about us. We have been providing free tools for the auction community for over nine years and have grown by word of mouth. Please note though that we don't condone spamming in any form. Please see the links below and help spread the word further.

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